12 steps to overcome fear of flying


How to overcome fear of flying?

Fear of flying is something that may poison any holiday, for now or forever. There was a time when I had it myself.

Hence, my first article will be dedicated to the 12 most effective ways to battle it. We all deserve happy and revitalizing holidays, right?

Fear of flying

What is fear of flying?

It is the condition when a person has a certain level of discomfort when boarding and flying in an aircraft. The impact can be from light (minor discomfort) to larger (inability to board a plane at all).

What causes fear of flying?

I think that many factors starting from binge watching negative news to stress situations multiplied by certain ways of thinking can work as a trigger. In the end of the day it can ruin the best part of our lives. If you are 25 or about so, you might think you can still afford some fear of flying. But don’t delude yourself. Time flies very fast. And oftentimes we don’t even notice when we are not 25 anymore, but 75. And we lost all our beautiful travel options to fear of flying.

So, struggling it is certainly worth trying.

Please remember that air travel is the safest travel of all, according to the statistics, provided that you use a reliable airline.

Here are my personal 12 steps to make your traveling more comfortable:

  1. Stop watching negative news.

No. I mean STOP watching negative new. Right now. I know what I am talking about. My fear of flying time started a decade ago and it was fully triggered by watching aircraft accident news in a hotel room. I was on my trip to Croatia back then.

I entered the country a healthy happy person, but left it with a fully altered conscience. It literally took 2 days of massive binge watching of negative news. News has never been my favorite. Just for the fast that it is almost always negative.

And as of 2020 it has become even more aggressive, planting multiple mind viruses into humans heads.

As a businesswoman, I understand that it is just a demand-supply law that works and negative news sell much better. But I couldn’t care less. I didn’t come to this world to help someone earn on me. I came to this world to live a happy life.

  1. Seek professional help.

Professional help will be a fantastic shortcut to conquering fear of flying. At that time I didn’t have enough money for regular consultation, but even in this case there were plenty of resources to help.

I only had some mild form of aerophobia, and for more severe cases professional help would have been a must. But all those numerous YouTube videos and books helped a lot.

Some of my friends attended professional immersive training, that I think worked really well for them. They touch upon many important things at those trainings, based on your individual needs.

For me the worst thing of all was the turbulence. My body has reacted very badly to that since I was small. So it took me some time and training to accept deep in my mind that turbulence is unpleasant, but in most cases not dangerous at all.

  1. Become an optimist.

I do believe that negative thinking poisons life in general and triggers many problems, including but not limited to fear of flying.

I do believe that optimistic mindset make people live a longer and happier life in general.

  1. Stop being a perfectionist.

I don’t even know who was the first to say that perfectionism is good. Good for who? For those who are going to manipulate you and use you are at full?

When you need to deliver a result, you do need to ensure that all the required quality standards are met.

But if you are never happy with the result, when you try to always improve what is already excellent, I really don’t think it is really that nice. I think that excessive perfectionism, as well as some other traits, can trigger many problems.

  1. Keep flying.

That recommendation will only be suitable when you just have minor discomfort.

If you already have a fear of flying, you must seek professional help.

However, I know some people who developed mild FF into a more serious form by just focusing on the negative side of it, by constant thinking of this fear and by subsequent avoiding the flights.

  1. Learn to relax.

This is generally an invaluable acquisition that will help you a lot in life, from getting rid of insomnia and ending with getting rid of fear of flying.

The practice of meditation and relaxation will help you calm the running of thoughts in your head. And it does not have to be classical meditation.

I personally have not been able to master it. I can’t stop my thoughts just by looking at the fire, but I really like the audio tracks with guided meditations.

  1. Watch ASMR videos.

ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response work good for stress relief.

These videos help you relax and distract from many problems. I started listening to them eight years ago to get help in times of severe stress, and have continued listening till now.

Back in times of my fear of flying, I would even use recorded versions on my smartphone, right at the moment of flying. I swear, when the right person does the right thing in that video, it is hard to think of turbulence and other things I fear. So as an additional method to professional help, it is good.

  1. Choose an airline with a good reputation.

This can be found at a trusted source on the internet.

  1. Always use seatbelts when flying.

Turbulence is not a danger to the aircraft, but you can be injured if you are not wearing your seat belt and hit something.

  1. Read prayers. If you are a believer, read prayers in the confession you follow. I am a Christian, so to me is of really great support.
  2. Do not drown your fear in alcohol.

I heard that some people might think that a glass or two of wine will relax them and make them less fearful whilst flying the aircraft. So if you want to know my opinion, I would rather discourage you from doing so.

Alcohol will only dehydrate your body. And your problems will stay where they are. And if you practice that method too often, you may develop an addiction. So better use professional help and combine it with other methods.

  1. Stop caring about what others think of you.

Sometimes you may be afraid not so much of air travel as of the fact that other people will see your fear. This is already some kind of fear of fear, pardon the pun. After all, all these people are strangers to you. Someone who you will see for a very short moment in your life.

So who cares what they think of you and if they find you ‘weak’ or ‘fearful’. I will reveal a ‘secret’ to you now. Most of the time, people think of themselves. So nobody may even notice that you have fear. And even if they notice, they will not care.

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