My review of Souq Al Wakra Hotel in Qatar and a Truly Authentic Qatari Experience

Souq Al Wakrah Hotel by Tivoli

Qatar is a country rapidly growing in popularity as a tourist destination, thanks to its fascinating blend of traditional Arabic culture and ultra-modern development. And the World Cup, of course!

When visiting Qatar, staying at the right hotel can really enhance your experience and help you immerse yourself in true Qatari hospitality.

So during my recent visit I decided to skip Doha and head straight to Al Wakra, where I have never been.

So here is what I found out:

Located right along the historic Al Wakra seaside promenade, Souq Al Wakra evokes the timeless character of a traditional Qatari souq (market).

My review of Souq Al Wakra Hotel in Qatar and a Truly Authentic Qatari Experience

The hotel’s design beautifully incorporates traditional Arabic architectural elements like arched windows and pathways lit with ornate lanterns.

I arrived late in the evening, so going out at the beautiful inner yard was a majestic experience.

I felt transported back in time as I saw those weathered wooden doors and window screens. After I registered, I was ushed to my room that was a standard room, but it was a truly 5-star experience!

Here is the hotel’s location:

The room was of a standard size, but looked luxurious! It was decorated in an elegant contemporary Arabian style.

It overlooked the yard, but there are many rooms that face the Gulf, so one can take in breathtaking seaside views right from the private terrace.

Alternatively you can try to book a cheap price here. You will need to type in Al Wakrah and dates of your trip in the search field, and you will see the Souq Al Wakrah hotel there.

Anyway, let’s go one. The bed was soft and really comfortable. What else? There was a complimentary fruit plate and water provided by the hotel, so as it was a late hour, that was of real help.

In the morning I went to the restaurant for a really royal breakfast. After that I still had some time, so I went for a walk along Al Wakra Promenade that let me easily dive into traditional Qatari culture.

My review of Souq Al Wakra Hotel in Qatar and a Truly Authentic Qatari Experience

The old buildings in Arabic style were a real time travel and gave a fantastic feeling.

So to me this hotel became an idyllic home base for discovering Qatar’s heritage.

The staff were extremely helpful in anything that I needed. They also booked me a cheaper cab to the airport than I would do myself.

Even though it was a short stay, I was treated like royalty. And I made a decision that whenever I get back to Al Wakrah, I will certainly stay in this hotel.

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