7 Things You Should Never Do in Qatar

Doha, Qatar

A trip to Qatar or a day or two for a layover looks really tempting. Qatar is an amazing country with rich culture, and it has a lot to offer to a visitor. But as in any country there are a few things to avoid during your stay. Follow these tips to always make your travel safe and pleasant:

  1. Never drink or show drunk in public areas.
    Qatar is super strict about booze – it’s only allowed in hotels and homes. Qatar is an islamic country, and alcohol is banned. So public drunkenness can land you in jail with hefty fines. Let’s avoid that downer scenario, ok?
  2. A no-no to displaying feelings in public.
    Now I don’t wanna ruin any romance, but avoid smooching or holding hands with your special someone in public. Save the cuddles and kisses for your hotel room, not the streets.
  3. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT swear or flip any rude gestures!
    I don’t care how angry the reckless driver makes you. Cursing and foul fingers will cause huge offense in Qatar. Bite your tongue and stay chill.
  4. Dress modestly.
    Both men and women need to cover up – shoulders and knees at least.
    Qatar is just not the place to flaunt skimpy looks. Hit the hotel pool or beach for that.
  5. Don’t publicly eat, drink or play loud music during daylight in Ramadan!
    Locals fast from sunrise to sunset in this holy month. Eating in public or blasting tunes is not appropriate. Show respect.
  6. Be EXTREMELY cautious with taking pictures.
    Ask permission at all times before taking any pictures of people.
    Many decline photos for religious reasons.
    In general, be REALLY careful and precautions about taking pictures in Qatar. This is one of a few countries that is REALLY not liking it that much.
    NEVER take pictures of ANYTHING in the Diplomatic Street.
    NEVER take pictures of any governmnt buildings, military objects/buildings, or any other strategic objects.
    Never take too many photographs of anything.
    In general we recommend you not to display a big lens too. Use your smartphone to take pictures of allowed landmarks and those objects that are allowed to photograph. We also recommend you not to attract too much of attention when taking pictures. These rules must be taken seriously.
    Unless you want to find yourself in a police department, of course.

    Do not attempt to bring any pork, porn, drugs or weapons into the country! This all will result in incarceration and really bad consequences.

So, stick to this advice and your trip will be just marvellous. Just use common sense, be super respectful of local culture and traditions.

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